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Baptiste Series 2: Will There Be Another Edition On The Cards?

The Missing’s character Julien Baptiste got a spin-off show called Baptiste. The season one of the show was broad Edward Strattoncast on BBC One in 2019. The series released in the United States in April 2024.

Baptiste Renewed For Another Season?

The popular series Baptiste has been renewed for its second season. The second season will be the final season of the show. The filming of the second season of Baptiste began in Budapest in February this year.

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Second Season Of Baptiste: When Will It Release?

The filming of the second season of the show had commenced in February. But, the spread of coronavirus had forced the production work of the show to be stopped in between. The countries are slowly restarting work. But it not known when the work on the second season of Baptiste will resume. As the current situation in the world has halted the production work on the show, it is too early to tell when the show will return for a second season.

The Cast Of Baptiste

Tcheky Karyo portrays the role of detective Julien Baptiste in the series. Tom Hollander is seen as  Edward Stratton. Jessica Raine portrays the character of Genevieve Taylor. The show also stars Clare Calbraith, Talisa Garcia, Trystan Gravelle, and Anastasia Hille. Season 2 of the show will see a new addition in the cast. Fiona Shaw will join the existing cast. She will be seen as British Ambassador named Emma Chambers. Fiona’s family has mysteriously disappeared in the mountains.

Season 2 Of Baptiste will Be Its Last Season?

Julien Baptiste of The Missing became a very popular character. The popularity of the character earned Tcheky Karyo a solo series on her character Julien Baptiste. The series became immensely popular. Despite the popularity, the second season of the show might be its last season. Jack Williams and his brother Harry are the writers of the show. In an interview recently Jack Williams had said that Julien Baptiste will be coming back to solve one more case. He added that this will be the last time the viewers will be seeing Julien Baptiste. He and his brother are planning on saying their farewell to this beloved character.

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