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Bad Company Vocalist Brian Anthony Howe Died At The Age of 66

Sources confirmed that, Brian Anthony Howe, who was the lead singer for Bad Company from the early 1990s to the mid-1990s, died at age 66 of cardiac arrest. Sources reported Tuesday morning that the talented musician died at his Florida home, possibly according to a relative on his way to the hospital.

The journey of the legendary lead singer of Bad Company!!

Howe has had a history of heart complications since he had a heart attack in 2017. He rose to fame when he became the lead singer for the Bad Company album Fame and Fortune in 1986. The artist born in Portsmouth, which is a port city in Hampshire, England was replaced by Paul Rodgers, who left the group to spend time with his family.

The group achieved their greatest commercial success with the album Holy Water in 1990 with Howe taking on most of the composition tasks. The releases peaked at the top 40 and even reached platinum status by selling over 1 million copies, as it was backed by a hit song. Two years later, Howe made their last album with the group, titled Here Come Trouble, which also achieved success, as it went gold with the hit Top 40 How About.

He then left the English hard rock band in 1994 citing friction!!

Howe confirmed that it was not a difficult decision to leave the Bad Company. It had gotten to the point where no one was contributing anything to the songwriting, and frankly, the band was getting a really slow concert. He got tired of doing all the work with Terry Thomas, just and then he got nothing but resentment from Mick and Simon.

Prior to his time with Bad Company, Howe joined forces with Ted Nugent, as he became the lead singer on his album Penetrator released in January 1984. Howe’s contract with Atlantic Records was not favorable to him, so he left Ralphs and Kirke to pursue a solo career before being introduced.

He released his first solo album titled Tangent in 1997 before relaunching it with an additional song in 2003 as Touche in 1997. It was blue. In late February 2010, his second solo album, The Circus Bar, was released in the UK with a majority of positive reviews. In 2017 he started his own label, Howe’s business when he released his first studio recording titled Hot Tin Roof that year.

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