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Astronomers Claim Other Planetary Systems Are Experiencing Asteroid Bombarding

Evidence showed that the planetary system around the star HR8799 has similar features to our current solar system.

It has four giant gas systems in between two asteroid belts. The research team has come up with the similarity to model the delivery of materials by asteroids, comets and other minor bodies inside the system.

Further, the simulations show that the four gas planets receive material delivery by minor bodies, just like in our solar system.

While counting from outside, our solar system also consists of four rocky planets, the asteroid belt, four gas giants and the additional asteroid belt.

The inner planets are rich in refractory materials including silicates and metals, while the outer planets are rich in volatile substances such as methane and water.

During the formation, the inner planets have a hard time in collecting the volatile atmosphere due to the strong solar wind that kept blowing all the time with the gas away.

Simultaneously, the solar heat evaporates any icy clumps, thus making it harder to retain the water content.

As there are less solar heat and wind in the outer regions, so the gas giants can collect water ice and also gather large atmospheres that are filled with volatiles.

The minor bodies including comets, asteroids and other dust particles fine-tune this outcome later by delivering refractories from the inner belt and volatile and refractories from the outer belt as well.

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