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Arizona Mother Who Smothered 3 Babies Said She Was Scared

An Arizona based mother killed her 3 children after consuming narcotics

An Arizona woman accused of strangling her three young children in January reportedly claimed to a relative that she was “frightened” and “didn’t know what was going on” at the time because she was on narcotics.

Sources reported that a videotaped conversation took place last spring between 22-year-old Rachel Henry and the victims’ great-aunt, Perla Rebolledo. The news agency received a six-minute video from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

In the video, Rachel Henry, who allegedly killed 3-year-old Zane Henry, 1-year-old Mireia Henry, and 7-month-old Catalaya Rios, informs Rebolledo that her family did not take her comments about her mental health seriously. She also claims that she felt trapped at home and that her family would not allow her to leave.

The 3 children died due to asphyxia

Rachel Henry reportedly suffocated her children, starting with Mirea Henry, after her aunt came to her home to take the children’s father to work.

A 3-year-old boy reportedly shouted “no” to his mother and punched her to stop strangling his younger sister. After killing his daughter, she briefly played with her son before taking him to a back room, where she put her hand on his nose and mouth to kill him.

Later, Henry gave food to her 7-month-old daughter a bottle until she fell asleep. She then allegedly placed his hand on the child’s face until her death.
Rachel Henry reportedly sang for her young son and young daughter, choking them.

Charges against the woman

The video showed that the mother had told Rebolledo that she did not remember how she had killed her children. She also said that the day of the murder was not herself.

Rachel Henry has pleaded not guilty to the murder of her children.

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