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Riverdale: 5 Things That Didn’t Make Any Sense About The Show

This hit Tweet-Night television series is a triumphant combination of soap opera and Twisted Murder Mystery. While the gang still gathers at the emergency light shop, they trade puddle skirts for secret cars and vanishing cars. He takes on Nobby Archie Comics, with each episode filled with gripping twists and the shocking “Gotcha!” Moments

On shows like Riverdale, where everyone suspects they’ve found something to hide, some plot is sure to be a hole. It definitely had its fair share in season 1, as did seasons 2 and 3. It has storylines and character arcs drawn straight from outer space. Do not misinterpret the following as disassembly of the program. Riverdale’s constant loneliness is part of its charm.

All The Teen are Phenomenal Singers

Music is a Riverdale staple. Many episodes feature a performance and official musical episodes have become a long-awaited tradition for the show. In season 2, Carrie: The Musical and more recently in season 3, the gang performed Heathers: The Musical and it was even better.

10 Things About Riverdale That Make No Sense (Seasons 2 & 3)
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The Southside Serpents is a biker gang-run by teenagers

When FP Jones was thrown into the slammer, he was the leader of the Southside Serpents. Jughead followed in his father’s footsteps and decided to follow the gruelling initiation of snakes. Once a full member, Jughead quickly becomes one of the most respected members and the other Serpents turned to him for guidance.

Archie the mobster

For many teens, it is extremely important to impress the father of the bride. In season 2, Hiram Lodge was offered as a pre-convention, but Veronica’s boyfriend Archie still wants his approval. In his high school days, Hiram was a talented boxer, so Archie decides to join the boxing team himself.

How does someone get good grades?

If teens don’t spend a lot of time walking outside in a building full of lockers, the viewer will have no idea that they are in high school. They are rarely shown in class and almost everyone sees a full-time job – Veronica owns Pop and La Bonne Nuit, runs Jughead Serpents and is researching Betty Farms. Then there’s Archie who has been locked in Juvie on the track as a fugitive so far this season and now runs a boxing gym. In other words, these companies don’t leave much time to get on the books.

To speakeasy or not to a speakeasy

Yes, all four of the top four are secondary demands … none of which make sense. Case in point: La Bonne Knit. First, only a teenager in Riverdale would own not one but two restaurants. When Veronica opens La Bonne Knit, she says bluntly: “Just Mocktail.” It is just a matter of name and decoration.

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