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Arizona Mother Arrested After Toddler Died In Hot Car

A mother is found guilty after her toddler daughter was found unresponsive in the car

An Arizona mother was arrested for the death of her 3-year-old daughter on Sunday, who police said was locked in a hot car for several hours before being found.

The mother claimed that the girl was missing from the house

According to the sources, 23-year-old Tianna Jones initially reported that her daughter Delilah was missing from her Phoenix apartment. At one point, Jones allegedly told agents interviewing the neighborhood that their car keys were also missing.

Police said the child ultimately did not respond to actions in Jones’s car, which was parked in the complex’s parking lot. She was pronounced dead in the hospital.

The CCTV footage showed the girl approaching towards the car

Jones reportedly reported that her daughter had run away from the apartment multiple times due to a faulty latch on the front door. Additionally, surveillance footage revealed the girl left the apartment and entered Jones’s car at 11:52 am.

Jones left the apartment at 4.10 pm in search of his daughter. – and, according to the reports, she didn’t call 911 until 4:30 pm.

Jones took narcotics and drank alcohol at the party

Jones allegedly confessed to drinking alcohol and cocaine at a party the night before. She reportedly told officers that she and Delilah had come in for a nap at 10:30.

Police said Jones woke up at some point and didn’t hear her daughter and didn’t know where she was. As reported, she continued to sleep for another 30 minutes.

Records indicate that the childcare department previously took Dalila from her mother due to negligence.

Jones allegedly told the police he didn’t lock the front door regularly. She recalled an incident where she locked herself out of her apartment and her daughter climbed onto the sofa and opened the door.

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