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Are Zac Efron And Model Vanessa Valladares In A Relationship?

Zac is outwardly courting Australian version Vanessa Valladares, and that they had been lately visible ingesting collectively in pix received via way of means of the Daily Mail, which have been posted days after he went on a ski journey in pictures acquired through the Herald Sun collected. Seriously, so many photos received so little time.

It’s uncertain how lengthy Zac and Vanessa were dating (also, perhaps they may be simply friends, who know), however they have been first noticed collectively in July at a restaurant in Byron Bay. Little is known about Vanessa, but the Daily Mail reports that he currently lives with Zac in Belongil Beach.

Where and when Vanessa and Zac meet each other?

It was first reported that Zac might have a new love interest when he was spotted in Byron Bay in July, at a cafe taking workers to social media due to the fact that the Hollywood A-lister was sloppy with his Hanging on the workplace.

Vanessa was working at a café in the area at the time, which explains why the 32-year-old was spotted there, but whether they had met for the first time or had previously met elsewhere remains a mystery.

Source: MTV

About Zac and Vanessa dating status:

This new girlfriend is clearly not the first Vanessa Zac since she was in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens during their musical days in high school. And is it just me or does this new Vanessa look a bit like the old one?

Either way, they are super in love and it makes sense that Zac is now dating an Australian because he lives there and wants to buy a house in Byron Bay. This seems very serious because they have already been on vacation together, so it’s time to get to know Vanessa a little more.

Who is Vanessa Valladares?

In addition to being a waitress, Vanessa, 25, works as a model and has been photographed for Australian brands like Love Saint, The Sun, and Spell.

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