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Angelina Jolie Reflects On Brad Pitt Spilt-Up One More Time

Without regrets, Angelina Jolie considers her separation in a new interview with Brad Pitt on Friday, June 19, and says she made the “right decision” with the “Astra” actor for “the good of her family.”

“Each family is a beautiful way of being. It is important to speak and share openly about all of this. Adoption of age ‘and’ Orphanage ‘are positive words in our house, “shared the filmmaker about his life behind closed doors.

Angelina even mentions projects she is working on and tells the magazine that she is collaborating with the United Nations High Commissioner [UNHCR] in the global crisis and the BBC World Service. Along with the media, he is taking media literacy initiatives for youth.

Angelina Jolie 'lost herself' at end of relationship with Brad ...
Source: Metro

A few months later, Angelina told Vanity Fair how difficult the breakup was and added

“I think crying in the shower is very important and not in front of the children.” They should know that you are not sure, even if everything is going well. ”

She said things got “complicated” in 2016 and “we are sorting out all the events that led to the filing … they are not recovering from the divorce.” They are healing something from life … things from life.”

Brad also spoke about the separation in 2017 and told GQ:

“We are both doing the best we can.” I heard a lawyer say, ‘No one wins in court, it’s just a case that goes wrong.’ And it seems true, you spent a year focused on building just one case to prove your point and why are you? There is the reason and why they are wrong, and this is just an investment in vitriol hatred. I just refused. And fortunately, my partner agrees. It is very, very disturbing just for the kids, suddenly their family breaks up. “

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