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America’s Got Talent: How Show Cope without Simon Cowell?

America’s Got Talent has been one of the most famous shows in the country and we have never seen so much perfection and love for any show, the show has become like a year to year deal but currently has been going through a very rough patch.

So, without wasting any time let us talk about the current situations that America’s Got Talent has been through.

America's Got Talent' Judges Explain How They're Filming Live ...
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As bad as this year has already been going America’s Got Talent is going through a very rough time, from judges falling sick to snapping their backs and being operated to hosts of the show falling sick the show has come through a lot of misery and we pray for all the judges and hosts and people going through a rough time.

Simon Cowell has been a very integral part of America’s Got Talent and he met with an accident and his currently hospitalized due to which he won’t be seen in on the show all the fans and contestants are very disappointed about this news.

But, we are also sending our love and prayer to you so that you get well soon and can join the show for now we have Kelly Clarkson who is going to judge the show till the time Simon is well and back.

This is a very proud moment for Kelly as she is filling the seat for the same man who once was on the chair when she came in life has come full circle for Kelly, she is no doubt super excited and nostalgic about the news.

That is all we know so far we will keep fans updated on the latest news about America’s Got Talent until then continue reading with us about your favorite shows and movies.

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