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AMC Chief Says The Walking Dead Yet Has Plenty Of Stories Left

The Walking Dead Universe still has many more stories to tell, according to AMC Program Chief Sarah Barnett. The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular and influential shows on modern television since the comic book was first published in 2003. The main presentation will be back next month, marking Danai Gurira as the favourite fan of Michonne’s final season.

What Is The Walking Dead All About?

The Walking Dead is at its core about people surviving in a dead-ruling universe. Some of them have done their best to uphold their humanity, like Rick’s group. Others have embraced the authoritarian and cruel leadership, like Negan and the governor. Then there are people like the Whisperer group of Alpha, who gave up the dead.

Although The Walking Dead has seen declining ratings in the last few years, its diverse characters, themes and drama remain popular. The comic book ended quite abruptly in 2019, creating an exciting atmosphere on the main show. After the Whisperer War, the series now has only the Commonwealth past to change.

It is up in the air for how long the show goes on, but spin-offs like Fear the Walking Dead have not stopped. Fear The Walking Dead, initially launched in 2015, is coming back for the sixth season and a new spin-off entitled The Walking Dead: World Beyond will begin later this year.

This Is What AMC’s Chief Has To Say About The Series:

AMC wants to keep the name The Walking Dead alive in the coming years. AMC programming chief Sarah Barnett discussed the network in a recent interview. The Walking Dead was raised unsurprisingly. According to Barnett, several tales continue to be told.

No wonder The World of Walking Dead still has lots of fuel left. So many people were affected by the zombie apocalypse, which allowed telling different stories. How well World Beyond does it remain to be seen. Fear the Walking Dead has been successful enough to run for several seasons, so the new show could do so as long as the network has planned it and fans decide to settle on the new show.

AMC is also producing a theatrical film with Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in addition to World Beyond, and viewers will have much to look forward to. One thing to consider is if the Universe of Walking Dead can survive without a significant show.

If the show ends with the plot of the Commonwealth, it can only be two seasons, and the films and spin-offs would have to bear the label. Naturally, the show could do its own new thing. There is a time to skip in the final comic book issue so that the show could produce original stories from there. This remains to be seen, but the Walking Dead doesn’t go anywhere.

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