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Raya And The Last Dragon: Disney Cast Star Wars Actress Kelly Marie Tran To Play Lead Role

Well, star Wars: Rise of Skywalker may have been overshadowed by George Lucas’s stories of ending the stories of countless characters within the galaxy, but given the great disruption that looming also gave way to his exciting newcomer to launch an exciting career on Lightspeed after Episode IX.

Kelly Marie Tran To Play Lead Role?

Disney has now revealed that the Rose Tico actress will be playing the role of Raya in the title role, with the role of debasing actress Cassie Steele in the title role. Raya and The Last Dragon currently operate their production remotely, with their animation running 50 percent before its release in 2024 find the last surviving dragon to be played in Edakwina’s Sisu, on the side of his armadillo bear with Tran spoke about his Disney character on EW with these words:

Kelly Marie Tran cast as lead in 'Raya and the Last Dragon' - Los Angeles Times


I think what is really cool about this project is about the character, especially that everyone is trying to object. It’s what it means to be a princess. Raya is completely a warrior. When he was a kid, he was excited to get his sword. And she becomes a really tough, brave warrior and can really take care of herself.

López Estrada said I think [Don Hall and I] traveled in the car together, and we were just kind of looking at each other and nodding, like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Kelly’s ideal ‘ she’s Raya, not only her arrogance and her positivity, but she remains a strength to Kelly and the character.

Other Details?

The Star Wars actress impressed the Disney filmmakers with her comedic pace, but at the same time gave up on the film’s emotions, which would somehow reflect the current state of the world according to the directors. López Estrada also praised the role of Tran, describing a scene that changed during the production of his work on the film with this scene:

We had this slightly dramatic moment; It was written in a few lines. And I remember him saying, hey, I have some thoughts because normally that’s how I would put it or I have some questions. Mind if I try to do it a little differently? She did, it got better for a minute, and we were all crying. We changed the scene and brought the animation back to follow Kelly that day when she clicked on something that was much bigger than we imagined.

Although the animated project has been running at Disney for years, production actually began in March, similar to how COVID-19 shut down other Pandemic Studios projects. Raya and the Last Dragon functionally prepare through video calls and remote work.

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