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Altered Carbon: Resleeved! Will There Be A Part Two Of The Anime?

Altered Carbon: Resleeved!

Altered Carbon: Resleeved can be configured hundreds of years before the events of Season 2, but thanks to the power of immortality, the two are united by a returning character. Sources report that {Tanaseda Hideki}, the yakuza leader whom Takeshi Kovacs turned to for help with Season 2 of the show, also appears in Altered Carbon: Resleeved. Not only this, but we can also see how the strong relationship between the two characters began.

Based on Richard Morgan’s books, Altered Carbon is developed in the future where humans have discovered a way to digitize their brains and store them on a disk called cortical stacks, which are inserted into the top of a spinal column. If a person’s body is killed, its batteries can be recovered and placed in a new “Resleeved”, creating the possibility of immortality. Altered Carbon – An anime feature of the redesigned live-action series is the spin-off, which follows Takeshi Kovacs in his early years as a mercenary, fleeing the authorities themselves.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved, we see the first meeting between two characters…!!

In Altered Carbon season 2, Takeshi reluctantly returns to his home planet, Harlan’s World, and searches for his most powerful contact there: Tanseda Hideki. Clan chief Tanaseda Yakuza has a long history with Takeshi (seriously, they met more than 280 years ago). Takeshi is captured and tortured by the Protectorate “in all the ways they knew. Significantly, Hideki once recounted the poem about his family’s death to Takeshi, making him the only person outside of Tanseda locality who knows the poem.

In Altered Carbon: Resleeved, we see the first meeting between two characters. Takeshi is executing a mission for Hideki, investigating the death of his brother within Latimer’s Mizumoto clan, in exchange for Hideki using his influence in Harlan’s world to erase Takeshi’s record. Hideki suspects that vandalism within the Mizumoto clan is somehow related to their upcoming sacrifice ceremony, in which power is handed over to a new leader. At the end of Altered Carbon: Resleeved, Hideki reveals the terrible truth about what happened to his brother, thanks to Takeshi.

Altered Carbon’s ending reveals the most favorable side of the Resleeved Hideki when he tells Takeshi that he hasn’t even started taking steps to erase his record at Harlan’s World. First, he wants Takeshi to execute another mission for him. Netflix could produce more anime spinoffs as a follow-up to Resleeved, and perhaps even reveal the circumstances that led to Hideki’s leadership for Takeshi in his family. Inspire to recite the poetry of death.

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