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Alabama Police Detective Who Was Shot To Death Had Restraining Order Against Man Who Killed Her

A protection order was recently issued against an Alabama police investigator who was shot dead last night at his home against the man who is now taken into custody for her death

Montgomery police officers responded to calls from a person who had been killed in the Park Lake neighborhood east of Montgomery around 2:15 am on Monday, WSFA reported, and when they arrived they found one of the dead.

Detective Tanisha Pughsley, 27, has been in the department since 2016. The police said the filming was local in nature, police said, and Bogsley was not acting as an officer at the time.

Pughsley was granted the protection:

Pughsley was granted protection against Brandon Deshawn Webster who prevented Webster from calling, harassing, or threatening Pleysley from harassing him, and also banished him from the house where Pughsley, who owned them, was killed both. The order allowed communication between the two to discuss the sale of the house.

The reports say that Webster will arrive home unexpectedly and hit her once while she is carrying her baby, dropping her.

The authorities said the whole department is grieved

The officer said, “Our whole community today mourns the death of one of our companies, Tanisha Pughsley.” “Investigator Boglesley has responded to the call to serve, defend, and protect our city. Today we are with his family, friends, colleagues, and everyone who loves her, and we pray for comfort, peace, and healing during this tragic period.”

Black garlands decorate the doors of Montgomery police headquarters later on Monday and the flags in the city buildings were cut in half by the staff.

According to Alabama State University, where Pughsley graduated from criminal justice and worked for a bowling team, she was originally from Chicago.

Webster holds $ 150,000 in bonds.

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