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Air Gear Season 2: When Will It Going Release And What May Happen In Season 2

Air Gear Season 2. Almost fourteen years ago fans of the Air Gear show watched its last episode. Even now the fans want to see their favorite show they are desperately waiting for its release. In 2006, no one thought they would watch a sports anime based on skating. And then TOEI Animation released Air Gear.

Here’s The Good News For The Fans Of The Famous Show Air Gear…

Air Gear is a Japanese sports anime. This is a remake of the shounen manga of the same name from Oh! Mahan (Ito Ogura). The anime made its debut on April 4, 2006. Viewers saw its last episode on September 26, 2006. Air Gear is coming with the second season of the show…

Will There Be Air Gear Season 2? (Best Information 2024)
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Air Gear Season 2: Is It Renewed For The Second Season?

The makers of the anime never renewed the show nor canceled it. We have not heard from the makers, the author and illustrator of the series. The anime’s debut season worked well and caught the attention of otaku around the world. However, the creators did not reap the expected benefits. However, the production of the anime costs $ 780,000. And if they do a twenty-five episode season right now, the production costs will more than double and there is a risk that there will be some profit after all these years. So the creators decided to keep Air Gear Season 2.

Air Gear Season 2: Will The Fans Of The Show Ever Get The Second Season Of The Show?

We can’t hope for the second season of the show because the probability is very low. The creators stopped creating anime like Noragami after not making enough profit. Norragami has a huge fan base. Despite the fact, he finished it. And the Air Gear fan base is pretty normal, plus fourteen years have passed and many of their fans have already given up hope. Therefore, it is difficult or almost impossible for an anime like Air Gear to get up at once for its second season. So, it’s best to assume that Air Gear season 2 won’t happen.

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