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Addison Rae: Why Has She Disappeared From TikTok?

TikTok superstar and Hype House inhabitant, Addison Rae, has not presented on her TikTok since June 28, 2024, and fans are concerned. The brunette 19-year-old regularly presents on the uber well-known internet based life stage on various occasions a day, consistently so when she out of nowhere went quiet, and fans started to estimate that something was wrong.

What’s The Reason Behind Her Disappearance?

Some have asserted that the TikToker is pregnant. Others have thought about whether she took a break from online life after some reaction over the discussion encompassing her activities. In particular, individuals blaming Addison for dark fishing. In a presently erased Snapchat video, Addison is seen completing her cosmetics. She’s wearing a shade of cosmetics that is significantly darker than her common skin tone.

Addison Rae Goes SILENT On Social Media | Hollywire - YouTube
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Is Addison Rae In The Hospital? Are The Rumors True?

There are, as of now, no reports affirming that Addison is in the clinic; however, that has not prevented fans from speculating. One fan tweeted the gossip as straight-up reality and expressed Folks, and I don’t know why nobody is talking about this but, ADDISON RAE tried to drown herself as she is currently in the hospital right now.

Other Updates

Addison confronted a touch of reaction after she was blamed for dark fishing, which is a pattern where individuals adjust their appearance to introduce themselves as Black. Clients took to Twitter to whine about Addison’s utilization of darker cosmetics in her online networking posts.

Addison isn’t the principal VIP to be blamed for dark fishing; celebrities like Ariana Grande and the Kardashians have been accused of appropriating Black culture for a long time. No one’s talking abt Addison are exchanging up ethnicities on us,” one Twitter client tweeted.

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