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A New Wresting Game TV Show Ordered By HBO Max, Know The Full Details

The very famous ‘The Wresting Game’ has been ordered for its small-screen adaptation and fans who know about the same are going gaga over this news, well many of you might not be aware so let us take on the upcoming series.

So, without wasting any time let us get into the details about The Wresting Game.

HBO Max Hands MGM Script To Series Order For 'The Westing Game' Remake – Deadline
Source Deadline


The Wresting Game series is being made by HBO Max, MGM, and UA Television, the show is going to be adapted from the classic novel written by Ellen Raskin which was first published in 1978, the story revolves around a series of events that take place when 16 people gather around to hear millionaires will.

While the book revolves around a series of bizarre things it is going to be made into one of the best thrillers- comedy movies ever, no one knows why millionaire Samuel W. Westing left his entire estate to an unknown person who inherited it all just by playing one last game.

The movie will follow a similar feel as Knives Out so if you haven’t seen Chris Evan’s starring Knives Out then please go ahead and watch it as it will give you a slight gist of what you can expect from Wresting Game, we will see Julie Corman as the executive producer of the TV adaption.

While we have not idea about a possible release date for the TV adaptation we are expecting it to be out sometime in 2024 looking at the current situation we may also face some delay, that is all for today we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about The Wresting Game until then continue reading with us!

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