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5-Year-Old Girl Found Chained To Bed As Neighbors Reported Hearing Horrifying Screams From The House

Rescuers have discovered a five-year-old girl chained to a bed after neighbors heard cries coming from a local “house of horrors.”

Girl Chained To Bed

The unnamed girl was discovered inside the litter-strewn house in El Refugio, in the city of Ciudad Fernandez, Mexico.

An unexpected picture reveals the helpless girl’s right ankle chained to the metal bed frame by rusty links acquired by a padlock.

Authorities stated that a plastic tub was discovered right next to the bed, which the 5-year-old girl had been using it as a makeshift toilet.

The 5-year-old girl was only rescued from the suffering when neighbors listened to her pitiful screams originating from inside the dirty shack.

Cops Rescue The Girl

Despite her horrific distress, the 5-year-old girl was reportedly quiet when saved, but police did find wounds to her leg caused by the chains.

The girl is now safely in the custody of local social services awaiting a full-scale probe to track down the monster or fiends who chained the 5-year-old girl up.

State prosecutors stated that they had begun an investigation into crimes of child abuse and domestic violence.

It is unclear where the parents of the 5-year-old girl are or if the home – dubbed a House of Horrors – even belongs to the girl’s parents.

It is unclear why the girl was chained, and no arrest has been made as of now.

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