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365 Days: Who Should Watch The Film? Is The Movie Suitable For Kids? Parental Guide

This weekend, the 365-DAY or 365-day movie was released on the Netflix streaming platform, within a matter of hours, with one of the most popular in Latin American countries causing a stir.

The controversy was caused by the plot of the Polish film centers against a police officer who was raped by rapists and sent her to allow her. They will be captivated for 365 days until they fall in love with him.

In the erotic scenes, this drama takes place in an attempt to win over the woman with the gifts of luxury that the rich young woman is suffering from.

365 DID a Polish dirty drama based on Blake Lipinska’s novel. The film is directed by Barbara Balosausas, and Thomasz Clayla wrote the script. He is the stars of Bronxville: Roculavsky, Ottawa Saralez, Magdalene and Lamfarska, Natasha Urbana, Grissa and Saspoloka, and Thomasz Stockkins.

The Movie Storyline

Aside from the comedy, the nonsense, the donkey-ass content, the movie is easily driven by shocking scenes, that have an ugly character or voice. The conversation in English, Polish, and Italian, as a major target of global demographics, is as shocking as it sounds.

Remarkably, the scrumptious ball-pop soundtrack was rejected by Timmy Version. And, in the third or fourth time (I stopped my stamp), you will get a Massimo bee. As if the anti-Antichrist shocking Bible is over, the movie will end every move with 50 Shades. 365 Days: The Men’s reflection on the corrupt and delicate prescriptions is enhanced by at least sending them in a reflective moral light: Massachusetts Grey is a company owner who murdered people and murdered drug traffickers. Infant measures.

Synopsis :

The Mafia family in Sicily is a young and influential leader, Massimo  Torricelli, who has no choice but to control the family business after his father is killed. It’s another story. Bel’s dating is stressful, and he has a desire to change the loneliness of his day.

To save their relationship, Laura, her friend, and their friends fly to Sicily. However, his holidays changed dramatically when Massimo, who gave 365 days to Lara, fell in love with him.

The Great Controversy

Twitter users expressed outrage and anger over the new movie. They saw the tape, not because of the high Physical content, but because of the controversial topic.

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