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30 Seconds To Mars: Jared Leto Announces New Album

30 Seconds To Mars or 30STM is back! One of the founders of the rock band and now an actor, Jared Leto, took to his social media handle and informed his fans that they resumed their work back in the studio. This means we would soon have a new album from the guys, and we cannot be more excited than that.

Ofcourse the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has affected each every single person be it the celebrities too. And after months of spending in self-quarantine, we can finally see most of the actors getting back to work taking the necessary precautions and care. And in this time of pandemic music is the best soother of all time which makes us escape from this chaos.

Jared Announced The News Of His New Album On Social Media

Jared shared a picture of himself in a studio and announced that they are working on a new album, yet untitled. It will be a follow up to its 2018 album America and serve as the band’s sixth album.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

He Is Looking For A Title Of The Album

Also, what would interest you more is that Jared has asked his followers across the globe to start pouring in suggestions related to the titled of their upcoming album. You have a good chance to be acknowledged by your favorite band artist and should not miss this chance.

30 Seconds To Mars was made in 1998 by brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto. It has been more than two decades, and the songs made by them are really good and have a worldwide commercial success in their names. Their energy on stage is commendable and cannot be easily beaten up.

They have held several tours across the globe and even have a Guinness World Record in their name. That’s an incredible journey till now. And we are confident that their upcoming album will also be a blockbuster among the fans.

He is not the only singer coming up with a brand new album in this pandemic. Many singers have also come up with the same in the past months. Not just albums, many singers and other artists have held live concerts on platforms like Zoom, where they played their blockbusters in front of the live audience sitting at their home.

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