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23-Year-Old Pregnant Sister Killed By Younger Brother And Dumps Her Body

The County police said on Monday that a 19-year-old man had been taken in custody on a charged with capital murder in connection with the death of his 23-year-old sister.

23-year-old Viridiana Arevalo was last seen on December 16, and she was reported missing the next day on December 17.

The family said that Arevalo was eight months pregnant with a little girl.

Police had assigned a Clear Alert for her on Wednesday before saying on Friday that they thought there was no indication of foul play and that her disappearance was voluntary.

She was found dead at around 7:30 am on Sunday in an alley on the 5200 of Strickland Avenue.

The Colony police said that based on evidence discovered at the scene and video footage from the surveillance cameras in the area, detectives think her 19-year-old brother, Eduardo Arevalo, was involved in her death.

Sgt. Aaron Woodard stated that Eduardo Arevalo confessed to investigators that he killed his sister at home on December 16 because of a “family dispute.” 

Woodard said that Eduardo Arevalo stated that he thought that his sister was a shame to her family.’

Eduardo Arevalo then put his sister’s dead body in his vehicle and fled The Colony to hide her body. But he then allegedly carried her body back to The Colony early Sunday and dropped her in the alley where she was discovered, police stated.

Woodard states Arevalo said to detectives why he left his sister’s body on Sunday.

‘Eduardo Arevalo desired his family to know that his sister was dead,’ Woodard said.

Diego Arevalo, 24, states he can not understand what his younger brother is charged with and the death of his only sister.

Arevalo said, ‘Somewhere where he’s reasonably scared, he’s presumably sad. And then not having my sister here, it destroys us all as a family.’

Police said that Eduardo Arevalo is currently being kept in The Colony jail on a capital murder charge because Viridiana Arevalo was pregnant when she died.

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