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13 Reasons Why: Ending Was Missing These Characters? But Who?

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why attempted to bring things somewhat full circle in its series finale – but it was missing two key characters. Initially based on the titular novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why told the tragic tale of Hannah Baker, a 17-year-old girl who had taken her own life. Before going through with the act, Hannah recorded onto cassette tapes the reasons that had led to her decision. Coming into possession of the tapes, Clay Jensen became embroiled in the lives of several other students also named by Hannah. Despite 13 Reasons Why season 1 telling a self-contained story, the series was rapidly renewed in the wake of its critical acclaim and popularity.

13 Reasons Why season 4 would be the show’s last!!

At the same time, Clay once again found himself in possession of Hannah’s infamous tapes. In a cathartic moment, he decided to bury them outside of town and finally lay that chapter of his life to rest. Clay was joined in the endeavor by the rest of the cast – both those who had also been on the tapes and those who had joined the show in later seasons. Even past characters like Ryan Shaver and Courtney Crimson, who hadn’t been seen since season 2, returned for the symbolic event.

13 Reasons Why Season 5: Release, Story, Will It Happen?


However, conspicuously absent were Sheri Holland and Marcus Cole. Both characters had been named on Hannah’s tapes and served important roles in 13 Reasons Why season 1. They also returned for season 2, as the show explored their differing reactions to the mistakes they had made. However, unlike Ryan and Courtney, they were neither seen nor barely even mentioned again.

Unable to make filming!!!

A number of times, she even put her own safety on the line to do so. As such, it felt like a glaring omission not to at least have Sheri back to watch her friends graduate, mourn Justin, and share in the cathartic moment with the tapes. It could be that both were busy and unable to make filming. However, Alexus’s schedule has been far less packed in recent months.

Equally, even if they were unavailable for what amounted to a handful of moments, that doesn’t really explain why they couldn’t even receive a mention. Given certain discussions that have been taking place in the world regarding such issues as diversity, the omission could potentially seem even more glaring on a deeper level. Even outside of that, however, it serves as a testament to the fact that 13 Reasons Why’s ending didn’t achieve the level of closure that it could have.

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