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Young Wallander Season 1: Here’s What You Should Know About The Upcoming Netflix Crime Series

Here is what we know about the upcoming show, Young Wallander!

Well, the new upcoming original drama set to release on Netflix called Young Wallander, is an English Language mystery and crime drama series which is set in contemporary Sweden.

The whole show is going to be based on the late great Henning Mankell’s best selling novels called Kurt Wallander Mystery.

Here is what we know about the lead role in Young Wallander!

Adam Palsson is going to play this iconic role of Kurt Wallander. Adam has even won the Kristallen Best Actor Award and has starred in two of the people’s favorite TV premiere in the United States.

He was cast in Swedish drama. Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves as well as another Swedish crime thriller called Before We Die.

Down below is the tale that Young Wallander is going to adopt!

This story of Young Wallander is going to be told over six episodes and lays its primary focus on the formative experiences that include professional and personal ones.

We will see Kurt, who has recently graduated and is in his early twenties. He has become a police officer who is investigating his first gripping case.

Here is the crew of the show!

This series has been created by Yellow Bird UK, which is a Banijay Group Company as well as the producer of the Swedish Wallander franchise at TV4 along with the successful 2008 BBC show that goes by the name Wallander.

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