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Love Life: HBO Max Renewed The Rom-Com Series For A Season 2

HBO Max has renewed another show for season 2, and fans are happy. This show has garnered a huge fanbase over time, and now we are excited about the second chapter as well. Late us take a look at which show recently got renewed.

HBO Max Hit Series Love Life Has Been Renewed For Season 2! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, HBO Max shows romantic comedy show Love Life has been renewed for season 2. While Anna Kendrick entertained fans as Darby while being the executive.producer of the show as well, the second season will move on to a rather new character this time.

Anna Kendrick’s Darby Might Be Seen Less In Season 2!

However, Darby will make some occasional appearances in the second season. The story will be revolving around the lifelong belief of knowing who your soulmate is for the whole time, only to find out the person you are married is not the right fit at all! Take a look at this social media post that made the announcement of the official renewal under the HBO banner. Executive Producer Sam Boyd is also.looking forward to the second season and has some big plans for it. Have a look.

Love Life was one of the few original series under the new HBO Max banner when the streaming service debuted just back in May. The show has been receiving excellent reviews from viewers only to get renewed for season 2! The co-showrunner and executive producer Bridget Bedard has also expressed his excitement on working on a new story and a new protagonist this time, and it surely would be a fun watch. As planned, the show was going to be an anthology.

Anna Kendrick Will Continue To Be In The Show As An Executive Producer.

This is the second time Feig and Anna Kendrick have teamed up yet again. Before this, they also worked together in the film titled A Simple Favor. In that film, while Kendrick acted, Feig directed the movie. The partnership will continue for this season as well. The new story will cast a new protagonist to be the first face of the original story this time.

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