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Young Sheldon Season 4: When It Will Hitting Screens

The prequel to the super hit Big Bang Theory franchise, ‘Young Sheldon’ is back officially back with its season four after the immense success of the first three seasons. CBS had officially announced the renewal of the prequel.

Expected Release Date Of Young Sheldon Season 4

It would be hitting our screens in September 2024 consisting of 20 episodes to binge-watch. Young Sheldon as the title suggests is focused on showcasing the life of Sheldon when he was in his teenage days. An extraordinary child with an average family but dumb in social gatherings.

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What Can We Expect From Young Sheldon Season 4

We have seen in The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon is clumsy in social outcomes but has an intelligent mind. And now we get to dig into the life of this genius in the prequel. The fourth season would pick up from where the third one concluded.

So we could get back to see Sheldon’s siblings along with an excellent academic performance by Sheldon once again making his sibling Georgie jealous of the 9-year-old lad. Season three just finished off on April 30, 2024, which is quite beyond its original stated date.

Release Date Shifted Due To Coronavirus

Season 4 itself was about to get launched by March 2024 itself, but now we know it is already May and shooting is still left to be completed. This is all due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which had put a ban on public gatherings to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus.

So we can very well predict that delay is surely on the cards. We can only hope that soon things get back to normal and we get to see the new season of the prequel at the stated time.

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