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Young Justice: First Details Are Out For Season 4 Of DC Animated Series

Young Justice made a notably predicted to go back to the DC Universe with a brand new 2019 episode, and enthusiasts have been rewarded with information of the season four renewal. He said there was no news on the juvenile justice front, the ending of Season 3 in August 2019.

Amid the revelations made on the DC fandom, executive producer Greg Weisman shared the status of season 4. Like many productions, Young Justice needed to make a few modifications because of the coronavirus epidemic, which had shut down much of the music industry. entertainment in early 2024. Weisman said:

We all work from home. And for the most part, when it comes to pre-production, screenwriting, storyboarding, design work, we successfully moved on to working at home. It’s not much fun not being in the office and all together, but we are. that’s not a problem. What’s difficult, as these folks have pointed out, is voice recording, where we used to record as much as possible all together in one room for the first three seasons.

The new title for Young Justice season 4:

Well, Young Justice: Phantom is the title of Young Justice season four. Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti confirmed the title at the end of a radio episode between seasons three and four of the hit show.

The expected storyline of the Young Justice: Phantom:

Details on the central story of Young Justice Season 4 are scant. Weissman and Vitti went on to say during the DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that the new season would focus on Beast Boy’s new Outsiders team. He also confirmed that the ongoing battle to end Methumen’s minor trafficking from Season three will continue to be the front and middle of the team’s priorities all through Young Justice.

The cast members we can see in Young Justice: Phantom:

We can anticipate that

  • Mc Cartney will voice Dick Grayson
  • Payton will voice Baldur
  • Jack Spisak
  • Danica MC Kelley
  • Nolan North
  • Stephanie Lemelin

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