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Woman Learns Husband Has Been Molesting Her In Her Sleep


In 2017, one British woman found out that she got betrayed by her husband.

In March 2017, her husband left for work and forgot to take his phone with him.

Out of Curiosity, she looked through his phone. That’s when she pitched on an app called Video Locker.

At first, she couldn’t access the app, which increased her doubts.

When she finally bypass, she found something horrific. Her husband had saved video recordings of him molesting her while she was asleep.

Strings Of Videos

The series of videos were shot while she was sound asleep in the bed they shared and, sometimes, after they had been drinking. In some of the views, he rushed in to get a closer shot of what he was doing. The abuse had started in September 2016.

He never came home and turned himself in to the police before the victim got there. He told the officers, “I have had a courtship with my wife. She didn’t consent. She found out and saw videos on my phone.”


He also declared guilty to three counts of molestation, one of assault by forcing, one of attempted molestation and one of sensual assault, and was sentenced to nine years in jail. He also was ordered to sign the Offender’s Register for life.

Obviously still struggling to recover from this shocking revelation, the woman told the court that she was still trying to come to terms with what her husband had done to her.

The husband, who was in his 30s, had no previous convictions and was thought of highly by his friends and colleagues.

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