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Woman Accidentally Falls Off From 100ft Cliff After She Was Distracted By Her Phone

A 32-year-old anonymous woman fell from a 100ft cliff and spent 13 hours on the stony ground following getting distracted by her phone and falling over the side.

The woman was stuck late until a passerby caught her yells for help and was able to raise the alert.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department granted a video where it presents a helicopter dropping rescuers to the ground below where the lady is strapped to a board for airdropping.

Previous Thursday, the occurrence spread out in Palos Verdes, LA, at around 7 pm while the woman fell from the side.

It was not till 8 am the next day that someone listened to her crying out and talked officials.

The woman tumbled over the side while using her phone, police lieutenant Doug Kimura told.

Miraculously, the lady is told to have only undergone ‘minor wounds’ and is being cared in hospital.

Previous month wondering clip presented a visitor almost fall into the Grand Canyon when trying to take a photo.

Emily Koford and her mother, Erin, had headed the popular place when they decided to halt to take some pictures.

However, it almost finished very seriously for Emily, from Texas, as she took a big step back without knowing there clifftop they were stood on had a cut on, implying she was putting her foot onto the thin wind.

Luckily, Emily could move ahead and put her hand on the ground to reserved herself.

According to the research, there are about 12 death cases take place every year at the same location.

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