5 Reasons Why Winning Online Contests And Giveaways Isn’t Just Luck

If you think that all it takes for you to win an online contest is luck – then you’re probably out of luck! Far from it being that luck is not a factor when it comes to online contests and giveaways, but it’s far from being the only one. If that were the case, some people simply wouldn’t win as often as they do. Still not buying it? Well, check this out then!

1. Playing By The Rules

If you’re not reading the rules of a giveaway, you’re putting yourself at risk of losing before you even begin. Some online contests have a clear set of rules as to how you can enter when you can enter, how many times you can enter etc. If you don’t read them, you’re missing out! Maybe you’ve entered once when you could’ve entered ten times, and that’s why you haven’t one and the other person that “got lucky” actually read the rules and has entered the giveaway ten times.

Source: The Balance Everyday

2. Having A Strategy Pays Off

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to entering a sweepstake than it meets the eye. Many frequent winners have a strategy that they follow that allows them to win more often than the rest of us. They’re not lucky – they’re prepared!

They know when the right time to enter is, they read the rules, they wait for the right prizes, so they’re not focused on too many contests at one time etc. All of this might seem like a waste of time to you, but to those that win – it’s a recipe for victory!

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3. Winners Aren’t Wasting Their Time

Everyone would love to win a brand new car or a 10-day tropical paradise vacation from a giveaway, but even if you could buy poll votes, your chances of winning would still be microscopic because millions of people enter those giveaways.

Wasting your time on a multi-million entry giveaway is exactly why you don’t have any “luck”. That’s not luck – that’s math! It’s you against millions of others, and that’s not how you win.

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4. Not Realizing You’ve Won Is Not “Bad Luck”

Many people enter so many giveaways that they can’t keep track. Now, first of all, that’s a mistake. Don’t enter every contest you stumble upon. Just because stuff is free doesn’t mean you need it. Also, that means that you’ll get spammed with so much email that you’re probably going to miss an email that’s notifying you you’ve won a contest. As you can see, that’s not bad luck – that’s bad business.

Source: Money Saving Expert

5. Some Win Often, Some Never Do

If there has even been a great indicator that luck is not a factor when it comes to online contests is the fact that there are people who win quite frequently, and then there are those you never do. That just comes to show you that there’s a lot more to it than just luck. No one is that lucky. They’re just prepared and know what to do.


As you can see – luck is not a deciding factor when it comes to winning online contests. On the other hand, a good strategy and knowledge are. So, grab a pen, write down your plan, stick to it, and you’ll see your “luck” turn around in a matter of weeks!

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