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Will & Grace: TV Series Says Goodbye Forever Amid Dispute Between The Protagonists

Its a final goodbye from our beloved Will and Grace, the apartment is finally empty this NBC’s comedy series wrapped up with their season finale that made us laugh and cry at the same time.

We have become more immune to them leaving us the second time, the first time the show ended was in 2006 after their first season; however, a revival was debuted on NBC in 2017 with a new ending.

Fans have been thrilled that they got more time to watch Will and Grace, we have some spoiler ahead from the last episode of the show!

In the last episode, we saw two reunions taking place Karen and Stan and Will and McCoy not only this, but we saw Jack’s dream come true as he finally appeared on a Broadway.


The entire cast of Will and Grace Sean Hayes as Jack, Megan Mullally as Karen, Debra Messing as Grace, Eric McCormack as Will, said goodbye to the show, and we have some pictures and videos that we would like to share with you all!

Eric McCormack posted a picture saying, ‘Our boy made it to Broadway.’

Eric also posted a video on his twitter account, giving the fans a final bow, and thanking them for being a part of Will and Grace’s journey!

Debra Messing posted a picture on her Instagram saying that about 22 years ago Will met Grace and their life changed forever, she posted a bunch of images in tribute to her journey!

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22 years ago Will met Grace and their lives were changed forever. Here are a few pictures of their journey together. @eric_mccormack @nbcwillandgrace

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The entire team is overwhelmed by how far this show has got them, and they thanked all the fans for the tremendous support and love.

Sean Hayes also posted a picture of the four of them together one last time! We have grown up watching the show, and we will be missing the four of them for sure!

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