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Wife embarrass After Husband Gets Tattoo On His Thigh Of Her Snoring

James McGraw made a tattoo of his wife’s face on his thigh which shows her wife snoring with her mouth open.

37-year-old Wife Kelly was horrified when her husband, James McGraw, showed her his new tattoo.

The two love playing pranks on each other and James got the tattoo to pay Kelly back for a dodgy haircut she gave him.

James McGraw, dad-of-five of Portsmouth, based the tattoo on a picture he took of Kelly sleeping on a plane.

James said that they have been doing pranks on each other for around 24 years. He said that “I am one up at the time, but I am also scared because I do not know what she’s now thinking to do.”

Kelly said that James has crossed the limits and he has crossed it very badly. She said that their family is just a regular family but this time their fun’s went out of hand.

“It’s still very raw. We do mess about anyway but this is on a different level,” she said.

“I was terrified. I could not believe it. I hated the picture so much.”

“I just cannot look at the tattoo properly without laughing. It’s horrific and he’s combined more chins.

“He requires to see his back because karma’s a b***h.”

She further said that she will plan something to get him back, but it is going to have to be very very bad to top from his tattoo

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