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Why Kanye West Silenced Amidst George Floyd’s Justice Movement

Kanye West has Promised To Pay Full Education Cost Of Gianna Floyd

Kanye West has offered to completely pay for the school education costs of Gianna Floyd, the little girl of George Floyd, who was killed by four Minneapolis Police officials.

Gianna is six years of age and was as of late observed on her uncle’s shoulders saying: ‘Daddy changed the world.’ Her mom said she disclosed to Gianna the dad died since he was unable to relax.

He Has Set Up 529 college savings fund 

West has set up a 529 school investment funds subsidize as a feature of $2million worth of gifts to African American individuals who have as of late been killed by police and white individuals.

West is providing for ‘the families and lawful groups’ battling for Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, TMZ detailed.

Arbery was executed by white men who chased him down and shot him while he was out running in Georgia. They said he fit the portrayal of a theft suspect.

Small-time who shot the killing drove behind Arbery while Greg McMichael, 64, and his child Travis McMichael, 34 held up ahead in their truck before shooting him. Investigators guarantee Greg hollered’ after the execution.

West has not spoken about the Black Lives Matter

Taylor was executed when police broke into her Louisville, Kentucky loft and showered projectiles around the spot while she dozing. They said they were searching for a male narcotic lord, despite the fact that that man was at that point in care.

West has not spoken about the Black Lives Matter second since the killing of Floyd; however, he posted on Instagram for ‘power outage Tuesday’ – a battle where brands made a deal to avoid purchasing or sell for a day to concentrate on issues of racial disproportion.

West’s partner, Kim Kardashian, is additionally giving to Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Fund, National Urban League, and Color Of Change.

Kim reported using her attire image ‘SKIMS is a brand established in inclusivity and assorted variety.

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