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Who Created Baby Yoda? Mandalorian Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Mandylion did something weird with season 1, episode 7. After the series premiered on Tuesday, November 12, the show moved to Friday. But when it came out in episode 7, the installment was randomly removed on Wednesday.

On December 18 it was decided that this decision had to do with the arrival of Skywalker on Friday, December 20, and Lucasfilm did not intervene for her release. But there is a theory about Baby Yoda and The Rise of Skywalker that suggests it was a deliberate decision, so fans will be watching The Mandalorian before seeing the final movie.

Disney+ ‘s new Star Wars live-action series The Mandalorian is certainly pleasing its audience:

The show is second only to the friendliest new character for 2019’s memories. A baby who has flown the internet, “Baby Yoda” (as he appears to be a baby of the same race as the Jedi Master icon) is portrayed as Christian, the character of many Star Wars fans. Live of hearts, how beautiful is your existence. But this sweet-looking kid may not be as innocent as he seems.

5 Facts About The Adorable Baby Yoda | The Fact Site
Source: The Fact Site

The theory that will blow you mind:

This theory suggests that after several years, Palpatine returned to a semi-undead feeling state; think of Voldemort in the early Potter books. But to get back to the rest, he needed a powerful Force user, a healing power whose abilities could be cloned and copied before he could be sacrificed to restore Palpatine.

Someone is too young to protect and defend himself. Someone who was born in the same year was Darth Vader. This would explain the strange anomalies that surrounded Baby Yoda in the premiere. Mando, in particular, was asked to give his hair back. But IG-11 was given explicit instructions to kill him. Also, these two were chasing the same mine, even though they are both in the guild, prohibiting the same customer from having two bounty hunters.

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