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White Stork: Here’s What We Know About Tom Hiddleston’s New Netflix Show

Political Dramas are fun to watch and there are various titles that are so influential among the audience. The latest addition of White Stork will be much thrilling for the fans as the frontline character will be the very own Loki of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Hiddleston mostly is known for his role as God of Mischief but there are several other titles that make him more influential than ever.

White Stork

White Stork is an upcoming political drama hitting the Netflix Screens. Kristoffer Nyholm will be the man behind the lens and for the limited series. The project was considered since 2017 as Spadehead and now Netflix gave the green signal for further production phases.

Production Status

White Stork’s productions will tend to start next month as reported and the filming could take at least six months to complete.

Tom Hiddleston to Lead Netflix Political Thriller 'White Stork' - Variety

Source: Variety

Expected Release Date

It is evident that there are several projects that are on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. White Stork is dealing with the same scenarios and the production tends to commence next month.

So taking all the factors considered, the production phases will take almost a year and the show could land in fall 2024. However, it’s still not clear whether it will be early 2024 or mid.


The Miniseries will compromise of 10 episodes with a running time of one hour per episode.


Ony Tom Hiddleston is confirmed for the frontline characters and will portray the role of James Cooper.

Expected Plotline

The show revolves around James Cooper a British Politician who is selected tor run for a seat in the parliament. Asher Milan sent to work with Cooper and his secrets of the past came to haunt him.

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