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White Lines Season 2: Will Anna And Marcus Face Conviction?

White Lines greatly shows the positive sides of Island of Ibiza which is widely known for its rave culture and parties. It is regarded that there is a magic in the air when the waves of music floating around and everyone wants to be lost in the hot summer. We definitely witnessed it in White lines and also witnessed a murder mystery on the cards. However, the plot of the series totally depends upon the suspected killing of British citizen Axel Collins who moved to Ibiza to become successful.

Now a sequel season is speculated and there is already a hype amongst the fans. As the plotline of the sequel season would be more interesting and we have something which might be considered by the fans.

Anna and Marcus

Ex-couple who played a pivotal role in the series and they both are full of mysteries. Anna living her life cheerfully after the separation from Marcus and he became a narcotics dealer to satisfy his daily needs. But at the end of the season, nature is against them, and finally, it was uncovered who killed Axel Collins.

Her sister Zoe Walker who insisted on this case since beginning lost everything to bring justice to his brother. However, his brother was also a controversial figure who did many acts full of surprise and get away with it. But Anna killed him after he burnt the hard-earned money with an effigy. Marcus helped Anna and buried his body.

Whitelines Season 2
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Will They Face Conviction?

Now the mystery got uncovered and Anna is still on the loose and neither Zoe turned her in. So what’s the point to catch the killer if you can’t put her behind the bars, fans are also thinking the same thing but Spanish laws are complicated and Anna’s conviction is pretty complicated.

But Marcus has so many reasons to face a trip to prison as he already planned the assassination of Romanian dealers unintentionally but still, there is no one to help him. Moreover, he is on the verge to handle the narcotics business of Calafat family and secretly covering up his losses and paying his debt to the Romanians.

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