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White Lines On Netflix; What’s The Confirmed Release Date And Other Things To Know

The largest online streaming platform, Netflix is known for curating really good content for its viewers and undoubtedly it is the most-streamed platform as well among the viewers. So another intriguing series coming up on it is White Lines.

First Anglo-Spanish Series

This would be the very first season and is based on an Anglo-Spanish background. The crime thriller carries within itself a good dose of suspense and drama with the exotic location of Spain.

Source: The Sun

Release Date Of White Lines On Netflix

It is all set to launch on May 15, 2024, consisting of only ten episodes making it another entrant into the miniseries trend.

The Storyline of White Lines

The show focuses on a DJ in Ibiza who went missing there under mysterious circumstances. Her sister, after 20 long years decided to go herself after his body was found now and find about who murdered him.

Expected Plot of White Lines

The show would take us exploring the exotic and wild locations of Spain including the local streets. It stars Laura Haddock, Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, Laurence Fox and many others. White Lines surely would keep us hooked to our seats and it would become one of the very thrilling and content infused series of Netflix.

Stay Safe and Enjoy The Moment

The streaming giant has, in spite of the global epidemic, broadcasted many interesting series on the platform. It has not only helped people to come out of stress but has also helped them to enjoy the moment with their dear and near ones.

This series too would not disappoint the viewers and would definitely succeed in creating its place in their hearts. We at Nation Editions wish all of you a safe and prosperous year ahead, till then enjoy our articles and amazing shows.

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