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Westworld Season 4: Everything You Should Know About The Upcoming Season

HBO’s sequel to the 1976 film Futureworld, had been renewed for a new season. We are talking about Westworld which is another entrant into the miniseries trend consisting of only ten episodes in its kitty.

Storyline Of Westworld Season 4

Westworld revolves around a themed amusement park which is different in the sense as the humans are allowed to search and hunt down androids who are like humans. But what becomes really scary and problematic is that one of the oldest androids decides to bring together fellow androids and shell out human lives from the park.

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Plot Of Westworld 

To recall what happened in the third season it is shown that now the hosts or androids make their way towards the real world outside the park. For this, an artificial intelligence robot had been assigned to protect the human race from getting extinguished. Hence, in the upcoming season, it would pick up from where season third concluded and we would get to see more of would happen in the real world.

Cast Of Westworld Season 4

It stars;

  • Thandie Newton,
  • Jeffrey Wright,
  • Ed Harris,
  • Aaron Paul and many others.

Release Date Of Westworld Season 4

The season got renewed in April and we all know what happened soon after was the Coronavirus pandemic due to which currently all the production had been put on hold. So we cannot expect it to turn up this year and until even mid-2024 too. Till then you can binge-watch season three to keep yourself updated with the plot.

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