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We Listed Friends 5 SitComs That Deserve A Reunion In 2024!

While fans have been waiting in anticipation for years, it is finally revealed that HBO will be releasing a reunion special for everyone’s favorite comedy: Friends. With this character to bring them back to the screen, fans are filled with excitement and apathy.

While there is a debate over whether this reunion will be special or not, it could all happen, fans can still accept the idea of ​​reuniting with this cast. However, the question is, should other comedies be put together? Here are 5 comedies that fans will adore for a special reunion.

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  1. DO Everyone loves Raymond!!

The comedy show had nine seasons, and fans definitely fell in love with these characters. Ending in 2005, the program definitely ran its course. There were no headlines in the series that fans needed to close. As a result, it is probably best to leave the program intact.

2. No Big Bang theory:

This iconic sitcom recently wrapped its 12th season in 2019. It actually covered everyone’s stories, and when the credits came in the last episode, there were few complaints. The season finale of his final season wished all the fans and shed tears of joy in every viewer. The show had no hard feelings about Finale, and it was great that it ended when it ended. Therefore, we don’t need this gang to return to the small screen.

3. Make Seinfield:

In addition to Friends, with all these beloved characters, fans will be equally excited to return for a reunion. It would be difficult for them to ruin it, because it is, of course, a show about nothing. The classic gang is sure to be welcomed by its large fan base.

4. No: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

Fans were definitely in love with these characters. However, the show has certainly lost its momentum in recent seasons, and we probably don’t need to see it revive. Also, Jaime Avery made us sad in 2013, and no meeting would be without him.

5. The office:

This series has become a cause of joy for everyone. With nine seasons, the series continued to make everyone laugh. Of course, the show was a decisive role for many of these actors, and since then, they’ve all become huge things. Apparently, fans will always be excited by a little more office humor from this stellar cast, respectively.

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