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Wayward Pines Season 3

Wayward Pines draws on the story from a novel that goes by the same name Wayward Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch. The series runs high on adrenaline with equal amounts of suspense and equal amounts of drama. A mysterious pick was first channeled on FX on the 14th of May 2015.


A Peek Into The Storyline

The first season of the show elaborated on the Secret Service Agent named Ethan Burke. The series follows his travails to Wayward Pines in Idaho looking for answers for two other agent’s disappearances. The town is where escapism takes a backseat and the death penalty obscures actual living. A cryogenic sleep chamber that housed Ethan for two thousand years instead of him traveling to Idaho came to the fore with the progress of the show.

A scientist and futurist, David Pilcher was the mastermind who got people in a secretive project of waiting out the consequences on the other side of the cryogenic models while mutated versions of humans roamed free. The aberrations pilfered the town until Wayward Pines was built from scratch. The town was supposedly a barrier where people were woken up from their cryogenic chambers under the pretext of populating the town. Knowing the truth Ethan sacrificed himself for protecting the town against the aberrations was where the first season ended.

Season 2 focuses on the first-generation repeating history by seizing the town’s control and beginning a new regime. The leader of the group is Jason Higgins who tries his best to control the town. The resistance being Ethan Burke’s son Ben.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

Idaho being showcased as a post-apocalyptic town needs to match an impressive feat of staying in context and yet being relevant with each reboot. This makes it even harder to predict what is in store for the future.

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Season 1 saw an impressive line-up with Ethan being portrayed by Matt Dillon, Sheriff Pope being enacted by Terrence Howard while Beverly and Pilcher were played by Juliette Lewis and Toby Jones respectively. The conclusion of season 1 saw all the characters ceasing to exist thus letting in on a string of new faces for season 2.

The influx of the fresh faces in season 2 did not last long enough to be returning for a probable season 3. The list includes the likes of Kate played by Carla Gugino, Megan played by Hope Davis, Ben portrayed by Charlie Tahan, Pam portrayed by Melissa Leo to Theresa being played by Shannyn Sossamon. This leaves a mystery on decoding the probability of fresh faces up against familiar ones waking up from their cryogenic slumber.

When Can We Expect The Release

There has been no official announcement on the release date for season 3. However, a go-ahead from the makers of the show is indicative of production to start by the end of this year. This could flag off the series for being telecasted sometime around 2024-2023.

Summing It Up

Wayward Pines officially was planned as a limited series but the massive uproar and success led to its renewal. The plot twists in the post-apocalyptic future had the audience hooked from the go. But a cliff-hanger moment that culminated at the end of season 2 proved a little off the track.

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Written by Kane Dane