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Wasp Network: What’s The Netflix Premiere Date And Story For The Spanish Movie?

Finally comes ‘ The Red Wasp ‘ (‘Wasp Network’), the ambitious latest film by Olivier Assayas that was screened last year at festivals such as those in Venice and San Sebastian, where it did not convince critics. Based on real events, the thriller will be available on Netflix, which has revealed the trailer and announced the release date: June 19.

In addition to the signing of Assayas, the scale of the production, and the launch on the popular platform, it is worth noting the impressive cast of the film led by Penelope Cruz. She received the Donostia Award when passing through San Sebastian.

Wasp Network Movie Plot, Release Date, Cast And Many More Things ...
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An ambitious Cuban spy thriller in the 90s.

The film takes us to Havana, Cuba, in the early 1990s. But Rene is not the upstart American fighter who appears to the media renew joins forces with a group of Cuban exiles in southern Florida known as “The Wasp Network, ” led by undercover agent Manuel Viramontez, alias Gerardo Hernandez (Gael Garcia Bernal). Olivier Assayas is directing his script, an adaptation of the book ‘The last soldiers of the cold war,’ written by Fernando Morai, where he tells the story of “The Five Cubans”: intelligence officers arrested in Florida in 1998 and convicted of espionage and other illegal activities.

Character Change The Ideologies And Loyalties

‘The Wasp Network’ is sold as “an exciting and elegant political thriller with many edges,” where the characters are involved in a “complex and deeply nuanced battle of changing ideologies and loyalties.” Of course, with the author of ‘ Carlos ‘ (2010) orchestrating everything, the intentions and objectives behind this ambitious film are understood. However, the results are far from what can be expected.

It is felt that the film does not manage to capture everything that Assayas intends, and when trying to condense it there are abrupt jumps in tone and rhythm, excessive explanation and too many points of view that do not allow the narration to settle, so it is difficult to connect with the action. The impression of an interesting but failed project remains.

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