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Warner Bros Issues Official Statement In Response To J.K. Rowling’s Transphobic Tweets

Even-though JK Rowling does not intend to abandon the transphobic speech that he has embraced in recent days and that he has defended in 3,600 words of essay that has raised even more blisters, more and more voices are joining to condemn his defense of “Physical biological relation, ”

between the latest Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright, both main actresses of the ‘ Harry Potter ‘ saga. Those who had not said anything yet were Warner Bros., the studio in charge of the magician’s films and his spin-off saga ‘ Fantastic Animals.’

Warner Bros. issues statement over Rowling controversy, asserts ...
Source: Republic World

The statement does not mention at any time JK Rowling or the trans community, but it is that Warner’s position in all this is very complicated. Rowling’s Wizarding World is arguably her most valuable franchise, and jeopardizing her relationship with her creator doesn’t sound like the best business decision. However, not standing against can also have consequences when there are still three films of ‘Fantastic Animals’ to be released.

The public could turn their backs on these premieres as a form of boycott against the statements of the author, who serves as a writer for the Newt Scamander films.

Warner’s reaction is very similar to that of Universal Parks & Resorts, which hosts the ‘Harry Potter’ themed areas in their parks: “Our core values ​​include diversity, inclusion, and respect for all of our visitors, as are our team members. But the same thing happens: ‘Harry Potter’ gives them a lot of money.

The controversies of ‘Fantastic Animals’

As the fandom, known as Potterheads, debate whether they will be able to keep the work separate from the author (Melissa Anelli believes that “if we can create a world in which the ‘Harry Potter’ community rises above and beyond the author’s intolerant vision, so I think we can be really proud of that ” ), the third installment of ‘Fantastic Animals’ prepares her return to filming after the break due to the coronavirus pandemic. And JK Rowling is just one of her problems.

The controversies with Johnny Depp, the video in which Ezra Miller is allegedly seen drowning a woman, and complaints about the lack of an important LGTB plot such as the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, jeopardize the reputation and profitability of a vital franchise for cinemas, bookstores, toy stores, theme parks and a long etcetera.

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