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War of the Worlds: Can We Expect A New Season Of This British Series

Have you watched this minis series earlier? The episodes British miniseries series, War Of The Worlds, arrived first on the screens on 17 November 2019 on the BBC network. The drama series is amazing to watch, in light of the novel, The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.

Renewal Status Of The Second Season

The writer of the series is Peter Harness, who has given three episodes of this British drama till now and considering the achievement and popularity picked up by it, there was no uncertainty that the next season would happen for the fans. The second season of the series has not been confirmed by the officials.

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Source: SlashFilm

Expected Release Date

After the arrival of its first season, it was reported that the second part with the name of War Of The World 2 would be not far off. The shooting of the new season was relied upon to begin in spring 2024 in the UK. Nonetheless, the postponement in the production because of the pandemic situation, the second run of this series will apparently air mid or late 2024.

What’s The Story Info

The storyline of the show is amazing to watch. The storyline is that this animal is killing everybody except not the baby. After all the misfortune, just explicit people are left to survive. That is the point at which the appearance of stargazer Catherine Durand depicted by Léa Drucker, occurs. Catherine attempts to support the individuals and herself, and a neuroscientist, to be specific Bill Ward, played by Gabriel Byrne.

Emilly gets in contact with one of the outsiders while Catherine, then again, attempts to discover an answer for expelling these animals. The entire storyline of the drama is stunning and remarkable, and it is normal that the next season will also hold an astonishing plot and will entertain the fans.

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