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WandaVision: The Upcoming Disney+ Series Wil Reportedly Have Around 9 Episodes

Here is what the new report regarding the show Wanda Vision says about the number of episodes!

Back in April of 2019, when actress Elizabeth Olsen was asked about her new show with the Marvel Cinematic Universe called Wanda Vision. This was the time when Avengers Endgame was set to premiere in theatres all around the world.

Olsen was asked about the number of episodes that the upcoming series is going to have, and she said that she is only aware of the fact that Wanda Vision is going to run for six hours. She also revealed that then, she has no information regarding the number of episodes that her new show is going to have and just knows that everything is going to add up to 6 hours.

A resume of a stunts person reveals that Wanda Vision will have nine episodes!

Because of this statement, many fans were sure to assume that Wanda Vision is going to have six episodes, and each of its lengths is going to range from 45 minutes to 50, which is the standard size.