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Wakfu Season 4: Know When Will This Anime Release And Its Expected Plot

We saw our favorite characters from Wakfu about three years ago, and the show has not yet been renewed for another season, but as far we know, the makers do have some brilliant plans about season 4 and 5 of the series.

A popular video game inspires Wakfu, the series was a sudden hit amongst the audience and made a debut to the French television in 2008.

Wakfu came with their second season in 2011, and the third one in 2017, fans have ever since been waiting to hear something about season 4.


Season one and two of Wakfu were an instant hit, but season three did not charm the audience that well; even after this, the makers have been on the positive that they will come out with more seasons.

However, the problem lies with the company related to the production; the show is not able to get enough funds to look forward to season 4 and 5.

In 2019 the directors of Wakfu Anthony “Tot” Roux and Fabrice Nzinzi made a statement that they have plans for season 4 and 5 and that they are optimistic that they will be able to work things through.

Season three did not do well for Netflix; hence they weren’t willing to renew the show for another season!


The chances of renewal for season 4 and 5 are pretty slim at the moment. Still, the directors are super enthusiastic about them; they are willing to take up any opportunity to get going with the; however, previously, the show did not do well for the international audience; hence they need to be more cautious about that.

Well, season three came out in 2017, and it has only been three years; Wakfu takes a more extended period to get a release, so the fan will have to wait for an official update on the future of the show.

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