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Veterna Connecticut Officer Accused Of Physically Abusing A Minor

A Connecticut officer is booked for molesting an 11-year-old girl

On Monday, a Connecticut police veteran was ordered to stay away from the 11-year-old girl and her family after she accused him of repeated assault, sources reported.

Bridgeport Police Sergeant Iván Delgado is accused of three counts of first-degree physical assault and three of damages to a minor. He was arrested on Friday and released on Monday after paying a $ 250,000 bail pending a hearing.

Delgado, who has worked in the department for 13 years, is on administrative leave without pay.

The mother of the daughter reported about the assault

On August 29, the State Department of Children and Families notified Bridgeport police that the girl’s mother had reported that Delgado, an acquaintance of the family, had assaulted her daughter, according to an affidavit attached to the arrest warrant.

She told interviewers that Delgado had touched her inappropriately multiple times and that the cruelty had gotten even more severe in recent times. The affidavit states that a few days before the intercourse, the girl was at Delgado’s house, and he dragged her into his bedroom, saying he considered her “alluring”. Then, she said, he physically molested her when she begged him to stop.

The affidavit also claims that the girl demonstrated what Delgado did with the anatomically correct doll.

The officer denied all the allegations against him

He was indicted by other officers, the affidavit said, and denied assaulting the girl, saying he had never been alone with her.

Delgado remains on bail and will return to court on October 6 to file a plea.

Sources reported that Delgado was promoted to sergeant in 2014 and was charged with assaulting a man in solitary confinement in 2016. At the time, he was brought to administrative responsibility and the city resolved a federal lawsuit in which Delgado is been accused of violating civilian human rights.

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