7 Best Vehicle Safety Features For Teen Drivers

We know how exciting it is when you get your first car after getting the license. However, it is essential to focus on safety first. The great thing is that companies are constantly working on the development and integration of new technologies that can improve the safety of vehicles. People with less experience should be especially careful while driving since they have more chances to be a part of some road accident. According to the statistics, around 70% of all accidents are caused by less-experienced teens.

When it comes to Best Vehicle Safety Features for Teen Drivers, a lot of new models of cars have these updates. On the other hand, you can always install some modern features, even on older vehicles. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important gear that can improve the safety while driving.

1. Automatic Braking


One of the most recent technologies installed in many new models are sensors in different parts of the car. While standard parking sensors are available for a long time, the modern version is using AI to scan the track in front of the car and helps drivers in the prevention of car accidents. The most popular models of these automated brakes are emergency braking and dynamic brake support. The emergency braking will notify the driver if there is an obstacle in the front by using loud noises or vibrations.

In case that the driver is still not braking, the car will automatically start slowing down. When it comes to dynamic brake support, it is even more efficient in case of emergency. For example, if you haven’t seen a pedestrian walking over the street, or some vehicle suddenly switched to your line, this system will help you to stop the vehicle and avoid the accident.

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2. Sensors and Scanners


We already mentioned the parking sensors, and they are already the basic part of equipment in new models of vehicles. When it comes to more advanced features, a lot of new premium cars have special sensors and scanners that will observe the road and inform you about the cars in front of you, potential obstacles, line changes, speed limit changes, and more. One of the best features is that it will provide you with an insight into an area all around the car.

The main advantage is that you will notice other vehicles even if they are in your blind spot. That can also prevent accidents on the road where you might want to switch to another line. There are some models with integrated lane-keeping technology. That is especially good for new drivers since they lack in experience, and this system will ensure them to keep the line of the road even at higher speeds.

3. Adaptive Cruise Control


Another common challenge for less-experienced drivers is to manage to keep the right distance on the road. It should not be an issue when you are driving in crowded streets and urban places since you will be driving at a slower speed.

However, driving at a highway might represent a problem for teen drivers, especially when someone in front of them suddenly starts slowing down. This system in combination with advanced sensors and automation can significantly decrease the chances of getting into an accident.

4. Smart Headlights


This is another recent advancement related to this industry. The great thing is that you can install it on any vehicle. The main function is that the lights will follow your steering wheel. This is very important when you are driving during the night on roads that has no lights. Moreover, we suggest you use LED lights since they provide much higher luminescence and you will have an improved sight of the road.

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5. Front and Rear Camera


Having a front camera is necessary for some countries, like South Korea and Russia. The main goal of having the front camera is legal protection in case of an accident. It will be easy to protect yourself in court when you have clear evidence of the accident and who is responsible for it. You can use the rear cameras for the same matter.

Also, rear cameras can help you to park the vehicle with improved precision. We all know that teens and inexperienced drivers might struggle with parking for some time, and having a camera on the back of the car will make the whole process much easier.

6. AI Technology


One of the best and most efficient updates in this industry is related to the implementation of Ai technology into vehicles. It can provide more safety, security, and convenience. For example, the computer will show you a detailed report about the condition of your vehicle, pressure on tires, miles left until you will need to service the vehicle, and much more.

In terms of security, you can add the facial recognition option, which means that you will be the only person allowed to start the engine. Another use of this technology is that it can monitor your view while driving and if the system notice that you are not paying attention to the road, the steering wheel will start vibrating and car will start slowing down. This can prevent people from falling asleep while driving.

7. What Are the Safest Cars For Teens?


While this market is huge, and there is a huge selection of cars today, both new and used, you should never focus on the design and specs when buying your first car. Safety is the most important feature, and driving some of the models with these upgrades will help you to gain more experience much faster. Some of the safest options for teens are Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Terrain, Honda Civic, Honda Insight, Toyota Camry, Subaru Impreza, and many other cars with the most recent technology installed.

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Last Words

Always focus on the road and never try to impress anyone since you don’t have enough experience. Unfortunately, even a small mistake could lead to serious accidents, and the use of modern technologies is the great way to decrease the chances of having such troubles.

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