How To File A Car Damage Claim

Living this fast-paced way of life, owning a vehicle has become more of a necessity than anything else since we constantly need to be at different places, and public transport simply doesn’t work. Sometimes it may seem way too difficult, but let’s be honest, once we think about it, that constant journey fulfills our day. Living such a way of life, for many, buying a car is a simple solution to all problems, and that, combined with how deep we care about our vehicles, is a reason enough to buy one. Now, every driver takes great care of his vehicle, no matter the type or how powerful it is, as owning a car is much more than having a source of transportation at your disposal. Now, every now and then, some uncalled-for things happen, and as such, we need to act accordingly, and yeah, we are talking about accidents.

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The first thing about filling a car damage claim

At the sole mentioning of the word accident, many start to argue how irresponsible or driving under the influence is the main reason why these accidents happen, but we, drivers, know the truth. Even though accidents and chain reaction collisions can often happen because of someone driving after they have been drinking too much, in most cases, it is just about something that simply happens, with no evident reason whatsoever. Simply, no one can have that much of an influence over the vehicle, and, sometimes, you simply can do nothing to avoid the crash. But, no matter the cause itself, after the accident, there are several actions that we can take, and the first of them is filling a car damage claim.

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It is an important thing to do as most of our actions depend on it. Yes, depending on where you live, which city or state, and its laws, there are one or multiple papers to fill. Even so, filing a claim should not be a problem, and, as many urge, it should be one of the necessary things that drivers need to know before getting their driver’s license. Nonetheless, if you stumbled across certain things and you don’t know how to fill the claim or what to do next, let’s cover the basics and then work our way up from there.


Notice the insurance company

It is crucial to call the insurance company and tell them the details right after the accident happens. It can be pretty challenging to calm down, from a psychological point of view,  make that call, and follow the orders, but it’s an important and necessary step that one needs to take, and they should do that as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it is your or someone else’s fault, as after calling the insurance company, you will know precisely if the policy you have covers the damage. The professionals can help you with all the further steps and make the whole paperwork much manageable. In these types of situations, we are usually overwhelmed and stressed, so any help with paperwork is highly appreciated.


Write down the necessary information

Our brains cannot remember a lot when they’re under stress, and sometimes they can remember some information different than it really is. Because of that, it is significant to calm down after the accident and write all info that can be useful later. Some of that information is a short description of the accident, type of vehicle, time and date of the accident, and the name of the driver. Besides that, if there is another vehicle involved in the accident, it is necessary to write down every detail you can remember. Never forget to write down the license plate and number of the policy, the name of the insurance company, and also the type of vehicle, the number of passengers (since they are potential witnesses), and the contact from another driver. Take the contact number from all passengers and other people that saw the accident to be prepared if you need some witnesses to prove the story.

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Photograph the damage

We live in the digital era when having a mobile phone with a camera is not something unusual, so we need to take that advantage and take photos if we survive the accident. Today’s mobile phones can take way better photos than the old camera could, so it is crucial to calm down and take a photo of the whole vehicle and the place of the accident, and to photograph every detail. Even though taking photos right after the accident may seem like an odd thing to do, in reality, it can help you with your car damage claim. These photos can later be used as evidence and help us a lot if it comes to the court. If there is another vehicle involved in the accident, make sure that you take photos of it too and also of the complete scene.


Collect the necessary documents

Call the insurance agent to check which documents you need to collect before filing the claim. It can vary from state to state, and in most cases, it will be necessary to collect a filled claim form and copies of the driving license and policy. Besides that, you can attach the medical receipts and original bills for repairing if the injury was more serious or the car is too damaged. Before you start collecting necessary documents, consult the professional to make sure that you have the right info. The laws are changing all the time, and it is better to be sure about that.

The bottom line

After reading everything mentioned above, you should be more than equipped with knowledge about what actions you should take in case of any car accidents. Yes, we understand you care deeply about your vehicle, but what matters the most is your life, and everything else can be easily dealt with, just like filling Car Damage Claims. Now, when you have enough info, just relax and enjoy the ride, as it really is.

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