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Valeria: Season 2 Renewed On Netflix! Here’s What We Know

This quarantine, many Netflix users have enjoyed the best content on the streaming platform, is one of the most-watched the Spanish series ‘Valeria’, a kind of ‘PHysical relationship in New York’ set in Madrid that the streaming giant has just renewed for a second season.

While the visitor struggled to write her first novel, she introduced me to a new Spanish-language tab on Valeria, struggling to close the “difficult” writing of her marriage. The best friends are Carmen, Lola, and Nere, who help you cope. Delete Physical relation and the City for Women and Brides Jones and set it in Madrid, Spain. , And you have Valeria. The latest Netflix original is based on one of Le Lear’s best-known novels by Eliasia Benav, and I admire, cry, and chase after every epic comedy adventure chasing her dream of becoming a published author.

Valeria Season 2: Whom Will Valeria Choose- Adri Or Victor? Will ...
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What will happen to season 2, Valeria?

The first two ends are begging for the second payment. Like any good romantic comedy, Valeria’s Cry is a love triangle: Valeria, who is married to her husband, Adri, in her marriage, to become a published author and a new friend who brings Victoria, a mysterious, warm-up dream and her blood racing.

Season 2 is sure, but there is no release date … yet.

In addition to Netflix, Gomez also shared the news on Instagram, “Happy as a bird” (sings in Spanish, go with him) “to announce that the announcement will come in Valeria 2 times.)

 Along with them, Maxi Iglesias will return as Victor and Ibrahim Al Shami (‘The secret of Old Bridge’) will again put himself in the shoes of Adrián, the husband of this writer in distress.

We still do not have a release date for this new instalment, but we hope to enjoy it sometime in 2024.

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