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A Series On Hillary Clinton Is On The Cards!

Recently Hulu premiered a documentary series on Hillary Clinton, which was based on her name Hillary. It received a lot of good responses from the viewers of the series. The creators are looking forward to creating a series on Hillary Clinton, which will be based on a novel known as Rodham. The full name of Hillary Clinton is Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the novel Rodham is wholly based on her history. If you are also interested to see the series coming soon, then here are some more updates for you.

A Series on Hillary Clinton Under Development

Now The streaming service Hulu has obtained the rights to feature the Novel Rodham as a series. As confirmed by the sources, the series will be a detailed story about the ambitious young woman who was working on her extraordinary mind and trying to move away from idealism to cynicism. From this series, the viewers will get to know about the struggle behind such a strong personality.

Rodham' drama series about Hillary Clinton in the works at Hulu
Source: New York

Other Updates

Sarah Treem is attracted to writing the series’s plot and is also interested in playing a significant role in the production of the series. Warren Littlefield is also looking forward to being an executive producer of the Rodham.

Hulu made plans for this series after getting a lot of views on the documentary series they premiered recently, which was detailing about what went wrong in the presidential election of 2016. After it’s a success the streaming service, Hulu didn’t wait too much for acquiring the rights to run the series about her based on the novel Rodham.

So Hulu has just confirmed about this series, it will be in development soo. The cast members and other details have not been announced yet. We expect once they are ready with the development of the series, we will surely get some more updates. Till then, stay tuned.

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