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Two Texas Fugitives Accused Of Shooting Georgia Deputy

An absconder pair shot an officer after he stopped them on Monday

Police in northern Georgia is looking for a couple of Texas fugitives who shot a lawmaker after a police officer stopped them with a stolen trailer early Monday morning.

Dalton Potter, 29, has been charged with aggravated assault for “firing multiple shots” at Whitfield County Sheriff’s Deputy Darrell Hackney from the cab of a truck, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The officer is in stable condition

The Hackney vest saved him, GBI said, and he wasn’t seriously injured.

Hackney and another officer returned fire, but Potter headed south on Interstate 75. A few miles down the road, he crashed a truck near the Whitfield-Gordon County Line and escaped on foot.

The second suspect is identified

Later on Monday, the GBI identified a second fugitive, who they said was involved in the shooting, and was spotted on videotape in one of the units near where Potter crashed the truck.

According to the GBI, both Potter and Jonathan Hosmer, 47, remain fugitives, and Potter should be considered “armed and dangerous”.

Officers have surfaced the informed about the two suspects to other police stations also.

We will keep updating you with the lasted news. Stay tuned.

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