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Twins Saved After Father Allegedly Drove Off A Cliff To Kill Them

An officer saved the lives of 2 twins and their father:

A pair of 2-year-old twins are injured when their father crashed his car off Sunset Cliffs in San Diego on Saturday, but after the hero officer jumps into the ocean and rescues them, now they are safe.

A 47-year-old man, Robert Brian’s ex-wife, was reportedly called police at 4:30 a.m. Saturday and asked for help after the man took his children and admitted plans to leave San Diego. -Coronado Bridge.

The man hinted her ex-wife that she might not see her children ever again:

The woman said she had received several text messages from Brians, who said she might not see her children again.

The officers reached to help:

Authorities in San Diego immediately described the man, his children, and his light brown pickup. Police picked up his cell phone and found it on Hill Street off Cornish Drive.

As San Diego police officer approached Dave Bautista, Wiese reportedly hurried away and dove into the ocean from his truck at Sunset Cliffs.

The officer risked his life to save the children and father:

Wiese, who admitted he was afraid of heights, shot the rock under a 30-foot belt mediated by The San Diego Tribune with the help of other officers. He then jumped into the water and attached safety to the children and their father, using the canine leash and canvas bag one by one.

Wiese said that Brians fell on his lap with both children.

One of the babies seemed lifeless, while the other cried and, according to Weise, held the father’s neck.

The children and father are safe now:

Both twins and Dad were taken to the hospital and will survive.

Although the motive is still unknown, Brian’s wife filed for divorce in April. According to the court, the case was called a divorce as domestic violence against underage children.

Charges against Brain:

Police arrested Brain on Monday and he was arrested for attempted murder, child abuse, and kidnapping.

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